The tales and adventures of Carl Dane, Michael Luther, and other childer of the House Van de Nacht.
Diamond in the Rough
Beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder

Michael Luther is given the opportunity to prove his worth as a mortal and instead shows how he has bloomed as an artist. Unfortunately, it's not perceived as such by the Kindred that hold his life in their hands.

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Love Letters From A Dead Man
Just because an undead heart can’t beat doesn’t mean that it can’t break

Carl Dane never thought that about Clinton Host.  But when he is handed a box of letters written by Clinton to his lover Calvin Bainbridge, he is forced to reconsider what he thought he knew about the Kindred he claimed as his sire, as well as what he thought he knew about himself and the rest of Clinton’s childer and grandchilder.

Seeking to free himself from the tangled web of lies, he shares the revelations in the letters with one of his enemies, the Cainite sired by his Carl’s own lover.  Acting from a need to form some sort of family, and like any good storyteller, he reads Thorn the letters. Will this bring them closer together, or drive them further apart?
Mistaken Identity
Even the dead can dream

Though some try to walk away, it is inevitable as Kindred to be pulled into the danse macabre. Through the bitter echoes of those before, all are wrapped together, and sometimes this curse is passed along to those of mortal blood.

Robert Fischer is the son of Maurice Fischer, whom is the son of Garrett Fischer, and he, the son of Michael Fischer. Over a century ago, in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Michael, the nephew of a shop sweeper and son of a whore, was Embraced by Calvin Bainbridge. It came with a price, as it always does, the childe having to burn his bridges of mortality with the quick death of his wife. What he never knew was that his son was given to another family and continued his lineage into the legacy of Fischer Morrow.

But now, as Michael's past continues to further decay his what is left of his soul, the horror takes a hold of the unexpected, the ignorant Dominic Cobb and his team. A vampire has decided to manipulate the team into inception. The mark is Michael, but the team believes that they are entering the mind of Robert Fischer, to fix what they broke. It is a story of mistaken identity being used as a tool, and the mortal pawns that know nothing of what is the World of Darkness.

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Savin' Me
Secrets and Lies - Tradition of the Eternal Nights

Secrets are the blood that moves the Kindred forward, propelling them to cultivate generations after them to carry on the fruits of their labor. Fledglings learn quickly that without lies, the ability to hide, to perform, and to be what others desire, survival is hopeless. Few actually find the truth after these centuries. Some hope to, searching out the answers of these secrets after the first voices are gone or torpored.  Others simply shrug, giving in to the mortal laziness of not questioning and simply accepting the fantastic world around them.

Carl Dane and Michael Luther were part of the latter. They listened to their elders, walked the steps as Camarilla Toreador, and survived, their Beasts quelled, their hearts numb, the passion so known by the clan dull and faded by tradition. Then, something happened, something snapped the threads that bound them and tore the cloth that blinded them, and together, alone, they wandered without a clue.

Problem was, being alone, calling yourself Independent in the World of Darkness means your vulnerable, and some are just waiting to take that advantage...
Savin' Me II - Haunted
The past does not always lie peacefully buried.

Even after his lessons with the Sabbat, Thorn is unable to let go of what happened to Darien Salway. So with the help of his packmate, Eli, they spin a nightmare around Carl and Michael that will not so easily be forgotten....
Skin Deep
Life imitates Art imitates Death

A little tale of how Thorn, of all people, was Embraced into Clan House Van de Nacht.