Description of Cultiveer, the House Van de Nacht Discipline
Some might gossip after knowing the existence of this Discipline that the bloodline is a lineage tangled with the machinations of the Tremere or Tzimisce. This might be true as while learning, Trevor has delved into both the arts of Viccitude and Dark Thaumaturgy as a diablerist and one of the infernal. The understanding of their blood, its connections, it’s faults and strengths, is as acute as an artist observing any other unique composition. It is complex and difficult to grasp at first, but once the curse is comprehended, the magnitude put into this artist’s creation is revealed.

Level 1: Ties that Bind
With the growing distance of Cainite family members, it is no surprise that one might forget the generations before, the distant cousins, and so on and so forth that come from the same garden. The Camarilla fortifies against this problem in the Tradition of Accounting, repeating back lineages, but that can only go so far. With this discipline, and the knowledge of those in relation, a vampire can sense another of the lineage. All they must do is speak of the original name they are searching for. Emotions are felt - from calm to anger, passion, and sadness. For a moment, the vampire feels exactly what the other feels, and with further concentration can even tell why.

Level 2: Blood of my Blood
Kindred can tell how closely they’re related to another vampire by tasting their blood. One clan tastes little different than another; a discriminating undead palate can tell the blood of a Kindred “relative” from that of a more distantly related clan member. Furthermore, the Kindred can mystically recognize blood from his mortal relations, if he should happen to drink it without his knowledge. Also, secrets can be learned by others of the family, sometimes delving deeper than Telepathy as the blood carries deeper wounds than the mind - such as other blood bonds is carried, etc, etc.

Level 3: The Addiction
Probably one of the more malicious ability, this addiction comes after years of voluntarily binding Kindred and the desire in keeping them in line. By spending vitae, he can temporarily make it so that his blood is addictive like a drug and the thrall is more easily succumbed. Truly sinister members of the bloodline understand the effects of the blood bond, and those that have traveled this far long the lineage’s path can alter the effects, creating new, deadly desires compared to the supernatural loyalty it already entails. Some might craft a faux love, entrancing their thrall to believe that they are truly in love with the other.

Level 4: Discerning Taste
Diablre, in addition to lowering generation, can also gift a vampire with a new discipline. This ability will allow the discerning Cainite to select which vampiric talent he can cull knowledge of from his victim's blood. But beware. A poorly executed attempt will result not only result in no knowledge gained, but the victim's memories haunting the diablerist.

Level 5: Into the Garden
Although it's a normal occurrence for Toreador to meet - may it be at former, Court gatherings, Sabbat meetings, or a Salon, House Van De Nacht has learned a way to summon the family together as a whole in times of need, desire, and tradition. A bed of black tulips must be planted fresh upon a garden and given the blood and of the summoner. Though some elders have tried this, usually only those younger than she listen and attend. Those of lower generation do not pay much heed.

Level 6: The Black Tulip
The "Queen of the Night" is a hybrid created by cultivating various practices and lines of tulips. In the presence of night, it looks dark, completely void of color, but with a spark of light, it shows the translucent texture of purple hues. It's beauty can be as profound as it is mysterious, evoking mortal writers, painters, and gardeners alike. Unlike the "Queen of the Night", though, these particular tulips have one difference - they are marked with vibrant, red veins. It is traditionally grown from a recently deceased corpse and fed blood as a vampire would be to survive.

The plant itself is inspiring to Cainites, inspirational as it echos the creation, growth, and cultivation of a Cainite fledging from the human shell. Some of these flowers have been known to entrance Toreador and provoke emotions of creation, sparking dead creativity to life for as long as they are around, sometimes causing burnouts to become addicted. Furthermore, a vampire that ingests one of the flowers is allowed a Blush of Life, can keep food down, regains his natural senses, blood flow, and respiratory functions without much of a thought. When the time ends, though, the Cainite goes through painful regression, vomiting up the food and going through a painful depression that is often times believed to be like mourning the passage of a fellow family member. Oddly, the flower goes through the same negatives of being a vampire beyond needing blood - when its petals fall, or a piece is trimmed, it turns to ash, and sunlight causes as much damage to the plant as fire.

Level 7: Full Circle
By fully understanding the blood, relinquishing the taint, and embracing the lineage, one becomes oddly connected with the rest of the family. Afflictions caused by others of the family, (scars, derangements, nightmares) can begin to heal. They say that blood is thicker than water, and with this ability, it is true in the aspect of blood bonds, diablerie, and even the vaulderie. At this generation, the Perfectionist, not desiring the taint of others upon their souls, can bite the infected and suck out the taint. This has to be done until the point to where the Cainite's health is at risk. The Cainite suffers the thrall of the bite to the point of frenzy from the hunger, just as any Cainite would upon their Embrace. He is then released to feed, relieved of all prior blood bonds, vaulderie, and the negatives of diablerie.

Level 8: Fertile Grounds
Once, ash was a common ingredient to a healthy garden. The ashes of a recently deceased Cainite are particularly potent. The subject is hung and drained of blood, his mind and Beast able to struggle as much as it pleases. When the body turns to ash at the last drop of blood, it is collected and put into the urn with the blood and mixed with various other materials including the blood of the matron caster. She then applies the blood to the wall, sometimes just a handprint and other times symbols, and in a few minutes, the blood disappears, only perceivable to Aura Perception. With this, the grounds become sacred and protected, creating a solace.

- No vampires may enter the sanctuary unless they are of House Van De Nacht.
- No vampires are subject to Frenzy, Rotschreck, or Wassail.
- The House Van De Nacht curse, though not completely removed, is less provoking, "somehow lifting the clouded vision" as some have said.